MeetUps: Learning, Sharing, Fun for Carers!


Would you like to meet other carers in your community?

Carers NZ is planning MeetUps for carers across the country in 2016. To find out where and when our upcoming MeetUps will be held, visit and search for 'carers' in your area. Click through to a MeetUp to RSVP; it's that simple! If you've joined the group you'll be notified of all upcoming MeetUps.

If you would like to find carers in your community to host your own MeetUp, just set up an account at the MeetUp website and enter details about your event. Then let Carers NZ know about it by phoning the National Resource Centre (0800 777 797) or emailing We'll help to promote your MeetUp to our network of almost 50,000 individual carers, professionals, and supporting organisations! The MeetUp website will also promote your event(s) to people in your community who have a MeetUp account: there are thousands of users in New Zealand.

Not sure how to organise a successful MeetUp that carers will enjoy? 
Download our MeetUps toolkit (see below), designed to help carers self-organise get togethers in their communities ... and for organisations that want to host a special event for family carers in their communities.

Are you willing to act as a facilitator for a Carers NZ MeetUp in your community? 
Please get in touch with us, and we'll organise and promote the event, and provide coaching to help you prepare for your carer meeting. We may even be able to contribute to catering costs!

We know that many family carers find it difficult to attend events for learning, sharing, and fun ... but no one understands a carer like another carer. Give a MeetUp a try!

Carers NZ is able to provide free infopacks for carers attending MeetUps and can assist in other ways.
If you or your organisation would like to host a MeetUp, please contact us to arrange delivery of resources all carers should know about, and to discuss how we can help you host a successful event for carers.


Our Carers MeetUps Toolkit

We have prepared a PDF containing more information about MeetUps. You can download it here (PDF 450kb)


MeetUps in your Area

Watch for events in your area in the MeetUps section of our Blog!

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